“Singing Steps! By: Kyou”

Hey it's me Kyou!! With simple steps to singing! Lalalala~ See? Watch and LEARN PEOPLES!!

1st Step: Stretch your vocal cords! Like so --->

Singing on the toilet!! LALALALALALA!!! *off key* :]

That sucked...

Step 2: Listen and sing your fave songs!

"Hey I just met you! And this is crazzzzzzzzzzzzyyyyyyyy!!! But take my number!! I'll call you baby!!"

That also sucked...It wasn't even the RIGHT lyrics...You people don't know how to... SING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 3: Spin around until you feel like throwing up and SING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whee~ *spinning* ugh~ I feel sick...*throws up on floor*

Ack! My new boarded floor!! Look what you did! FFFFFFUUUUUU-

Well..there you have it. Three simple steps to singing.

Find me in another Simple Steps video next week!

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From Author

Yet another simple step video by Kyou...Singing Style!


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