“Fight for Your Life (Part 13)”

*yawns* I'm so stiff..staying up all night and found zilch.

But... *grabs some One-Ton chips and puts it to his mouth* Rin has given me snacks.

*crunches down on the chips* The only thing I've found is that they're part of the Annual School Killings, but who isn't?? I've tried to trace the email, but nothing!!

Katsu~! Have you found anything?

Not really. Whoever this person is, is very illusive. All I've found out is that they're obviously part of the annual school killings, but that's not really useful.

Don't worry Katsu, I believe in you! Did you need more tea? Or a different variety of snacks? I also have cookies I've made!

No thanks, I'm good. I'm just really frustrated about this and how I haven't found a single clue by now.

I-I'm still gonna bring you some cookies! It should lift your mood!

Worry about yourself more you dummy.

I gotta figure out who the hell this guy is trying to kill her.

Here Katsu, I brought the cookies! *suddenly trips on carpet*

WOAH!! *falls into Kastu's arms and chest*

Hey, you okay Rin?

O-Oh yeah...I'm fine, thank you Katsu.

... *moves the cookie plate and puts it on a table*

I'll seriously find out who this guy is Rin, so you'll be safe.

R-Really?! So you won't kill me?!

I didn't say anything like that..

Katsu! *bangs on his chest with her fists* It's not nice to play with a woman's feelings!

That's not even close to playing your feelings. *pulls Rin in closer*

W-Wait a minute, Katsu..

*gets close to Rin's face* I'm not gonna hurt you, ha ha.

I-I know that! But p-please I can't with a s-student..

Hm..? *lifts Rin's bangs up and kisses her forehead, then goes by her left ear*

*whispers* Now what were you thinking?

That's playing with a woman's feelings.


I'm sorry Rin, teasing you always calms me down. Now I can back to work with an eased mind.

I...I won't forgive you that easily.

What would it take then?

I don't know..

*pats Rin's head* Well go think about it while I focus on this.

N-No! I k-know what I want...

I wanna...I wanna...

Be quiet and go sit down. As if I'm owing you anything when I'm in control. Keep the snacks coming and stop bothering me, I have to start checking out emails globally.

I seriously need to find this person before I blow my brains out. I've never spent so much time hacking.

And here I was thinking about saying...

... *picks up photo on side table*

Rin: "As if I could even think about betraying you while you're waiting for me.."

You are waiting for me...aren't you, Shinamu? *places picture back*

*looks at the clothes Katsumoto gave her*

I'm..done with these absurd feelings! A high school boy, serial killer, and it's only the second day I've known this guy and..and...AND he's not Shinamu!

Yet.. *wipes cheek* Every time I have these thoughts I get tearful.

I just get attached to people too easily. Katsu saved me from random people and that one foul-mouthed girl who appeared.

What am I doing??

What are you doing? Ha ha ha.

W-Who are you? How did yo get in here??

Your maid's not very good at locking up the door's after entering. She must think since there are a lot of people in the house you're all safe.

Calm people like that really annoy me.

S-Shut you're mouth about B-Beatrice!

You're frightful face and voice is really exciting. Please, talk more. Try begging this time though.

Begging for --

*slaps Rin with full strength in the face*


That's such a good face! I can't wait til your maid runs up here! Then we can really start having fun!

??: "RIN!?"


Who the hell are you?

Funny, that's my question.

UGH!!! I've never been so disgusted! Rin having another man in this house!

Another? You mean..you knew Shinamu from before too?

Don't talk to me you filth.

I just personally wanna let you know right now, I'm going to kill you either way. Whether you had anything to do with Shinamu's death or not. You dared to lay a finger on something that's not yours.

You're irritating me. Walking around as if you don't fear anything and you're the smartest being alive.

*pulls out butcher knife* I'm going to torture you til you confess.

*pulls out pistol* I'm not a fan of close combat or losing. So die. *fires pistol*

*dodges bullet and throws knife at the mysterious boy*

*dodges knife, but gets grazed on his cheek* You're SO ANNOYING!

Shinamu this! Shinamu that! He's been dead for too long now to be brought up! I didn't kill him! But I thank whoever out there did, so I can make Rin MINE!!

Such a hateful person. *pulls out another knife*

Die already you waste of space!! *shoots multiple bullets*

*gets hit on left side of stomach* HERUGH!! *falls*

*starts to run over* KATSU!!


You really got me...

It's been a long time since I've actually got a wound. What rank are you?

You people and your dumb ranks. It doesn't mater to me, you're just becoming a bigger problem and for some reason I can't get rid of you.

*raises pistol and takes a step foward* Now would you kindly die already.

*trips a wire* Wha-

WAAAAAAHHHHHH! *flings upside down and now hangs upside down in the air by one leg*

*pulls out rope and ties his arms together and the other leg to his already wrapped up leg*

You're too easy kid. It just took you forever to move and you had a long range weapon.

But now...*cracks knuckles* This is revenge. *punches him square in the nose*

UGGGH! AHH! I think you broke my nose..!! *blood drips to the floor*

Hitting a lady isn't nice. Now apologize.


Yo. *punches him in the stomach*

I said apologize.


I'M SORRY!!! SORRY!! I'M SORRY!!!! I SWEAR!! *sniffles*

You swear you had nothing to do with Shinamu's death? Or trying to kill Rin, herself?

NOOO!!! I would never kill Ms Rin! I've been waiting this entire time for her to return home cause she was gone for some reason!!

.... Then I'm done with you. *stabs the mysterious boy straight in the heart*

NOOOOO!!! *blood spurts out of mouth* Rinn....wuve *gargles* ou... ..in..ove..Riinn...

*stops moving* *gargling noises continue*

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