Sammuel Augustine, that's my name. I love Sky more than peoples, i don't know why but it just turned that way since the accident that killed both of my parents when i was 7 occured.

Rain, clouds, stars, it's just seems that i love every aspects that the sky could provide for humans

sometimes, i would walk with my face facing the sky. And tripped or bumped into other people a few times, but i don't care.

I'll just say sorry and keep walking, but i don't know why it didn't applied to this one girl that i met.

I hate it everytime that i had to go shopping in this time, i supposed to be on the veranda at this hour.

And it's turning into a beautiful crimson sky today, i wish that tonight the rain will fall to wipe away all these negative moods.

* Bump *

Ah.. sorry, i must've spaced out again. Are you hurt ?

Ah.. i'm okkay, i think it's my fault too. I'm terribly sorry.. i'm so sloppy.

Ah... i'm relieved, i looks like we're both sloppy.


ahahahaha... you're so funny.

what's so funny ? are you mocking me ?

* Samantha sneaks into Sammuel's side *

U-um, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to mock you, but your face does looks funny when you're relieved.

Gotcha ! hahaha, i'm not serious. I'm not that kind of person anyway, and your guilty face is funnier than my relieved face.

Ah.. *Speechless*

You're so mean mister.

Haha, sorry then. Anyway, i have to keep going before it get's dark. I'm Sammuel, make sure you remember my name okkay..

Okkay i'll call you mister sammy then, my name is Samantha. And the same goes for me, i have to hurry before my mom freaked out.

Be careful on your way home okkay, i'll leave then.

I will.. you too, i hope that if we have the chance to meet again next time we won't bump like today.

Then they start to walk after waving hands into each other.

*Turn back while keep walking* Samantha ! it looks like we're the same age, you don't have to call me mister the next time we meet.

Ah.. really ? but you're so tall ! why won't you tell me before ?

Because it feels funny

Bye Samantha !

E-eh ? You're so mean Sammy !


*On the way home*

Wait ! what was that before ? it's been ages since the last time i could speak normally like that

And why do it feels relaxing ? Just like...


That day... everything's changing, it's all because Samantha.

_-End of Part 1-_

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Part 1


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