“Fight for Your Life (Part 5)”


Hanako! Stop! Her body is disgraced enough, not to mention you're wasting bullets!

Fair enough. I didn't think you would care so much about how much ammunition I would have though.

...I don't.

Whatever, let's go then since I can't have fun here anymore.

I wonder where though's two girls are hiding...

...Mika and Souda?

Why do you know their names?

Their in our class that's wh-

-pushes Toko against the glass with extreme force-

You shouldn't be remembering any girl's name no matter what unless it's mine!

Toko! So help me I will.. -takes out knife-

Don't! Do anything stupid, Hanako.

-tears his shirt, revealing his chest- You are mine! Nobody else's! -raises knife-

-holds her hand with the knife in it- Stop.

W-What!? What are you doing!?

-gets close to Hanako-

This isn't fair!

Drop the knife or at least put it away Hanako.

N-No! If this is what it takes to be so close to my Toko, then so be it!

You're going to get us both killed if you keep acting the way you are right now.

...I just want to be with Toko. I love Toko. Toko doesn't love me though. He doesn't believe my love is real. He remembers other girl's names.

Toko is a jerk! But I love Toko. I love Toko. I love Toko. I love you.

Hanako started saying this after the first annual school killing spree came to an end. She said she realized we don't live forever and confessed her feelings to me.

I never gave her a reply though. I did love Hanako at some point, but not now...I loved the old Hanako. The one who didn't care if I even glanced at the opposite gender or even the same gender!

Which is why my only friend is Hanako. Since I don't have many friends and my only one is Hanako and everyone know she "likes" me, I'm mostly their target. You could say I'm only using Hanako.

As cruel as that may be...I don't want to die. Not like this. Not at this age. Not...with her.

...I know you do. You tell me everyday.

Then why don't you respond with anything but a scowl!? Am I that disgusting to you?!

Is my love not good enough!?

My love should be enough for you! Or Do you want some other whore's love! I'm the only one for you! I know you the best!

So, why don't you love me!?

...this is not a suitable conversation for right now. We're surrounded by enemies. Once we get into a safe place we can talk. Okay?

.... Fine.

Until then, I need you to get us out of this school, so we can either rest at my house or your house.

Y-You mean if I get us out of here, I'll b-be able to go to Toko's house again!?


Everyone~ Needs to die~ Soon~ -pulls out twin pistols- My weapons are nice and loaded~ Come out you rats~

I'm already so excited I might just cum from the joy of hunting you down for my dear Toko's safety.

...Toko go stand somewhere over there, away from those two lockers.

Come on~ I can smell you~ I can smell your cheap perfume~ That you want to cover up the fact you didn't shower yesterday~

But~ I can still smell your dirty cunt from here.

COME OUT!! -opens locker door-

-slices Hanako's cheek with a piece of broken glass- Don't say such foul things! Run Mika, run!

Die. -fires 4 rounds into Souda-


You should shower everyday even if you feel too exhausted to, do it anyway.

Mika~ I will find you~ I already killed Souda.

Liar! -jumps out from behind the boxes with a mop in hand-

-shoots Mika in the head-


A mop? You were going to attack ME with a mop? No wonder the government wants us to kill each other, more than 80 percent of us are probably just plain stupid.

Don't be mean. You've already killed them let's just-


-laying on the floor- (Hint: She just cut Toko a bit on his leg. It's literally like a kitten scratch.)

How could you....kill...Mika...

How dare you hurt Toko! -pulls out knife- DIE!!!!


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