“Upcoming New Story!”

hi im lovemuffin!

I'm a floating head who's detail on the jar sucks.


It's true though...

we have an upcoming new story, since, "lovely yet difficult times" has come to an end.

We hope to make this story better than the last!

we have some of the characters set up and we have decided that the main character of this story shall be male since in the last it was a female.

When did we decide on that...?

i do the character set ups! so ive decided to make it a male character this time!

All right geez. Anyway! This story is about a boy who is a lady killer and can get any woman he wants BUT one.

he gains quite an interest in her but has trouble trying to make her really notice him.

He has to overcome many obstacles and threats that get in his way.

the big problem is though is that she hates men. why? nobody really knows. will they get to know eachother or will they become enemies?

I'm sorry but can we end this and show them a clip already I'm tired of being this stupid jar.

yep! ^_^

Hi Hayate. <3

Hey Mei, you ready for our date this afternoon?

Of course! I'll always be ready if it's a date with you Hayate.

That's won-


Who's that chick?

What chick?

That one that's on the roof.

Mei: Her?! She's not wearing the uniform! Or a shirt for that matter!

Hayate: I think she see's us. O.O I think she's angry...

Sorry that's all you get to see.

the title of this story will be...

Heart Keeper!

heart keeper?


okay... bye everybody! lovemuffin out.

Bye everybody.

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Posted at 2013/06/13 11:33 Viewed 10 times

From Author

Since Lovely Yet Difficult Tiems is over we have decided to create a new story! >w< Here's kinda an explaination.


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