『Fight for Your Life (Part 12)』

Sorry it took so long! My clothes needed an extra wash.


What?? What is it!?

You know the shrine in this picture from freshman year, I think we should go to it.


Toko! You know I'd love to go~ Ya know I love the cherry blossoms that bloom before the hill to the shrine!

We would go there all the time, even as little kids! I'm so excited, I was gonna force you to go outside anyway~ I can't get my grades up stuck here.

Come on~

Ah~ I feel so much better after that nap!

You're finally awake. Are you ready to-


I seen you fell asleep and I can't really do anything til I get evidence of who is targeting you.

Right! Let's get to the computer and you can check out the email.

Here it is, Katsu! *places laptop in front of him*

Alright, let's see who was up to this..

Do you think we'll be able to find them?

Have a little more faith in me.

You know what I mean! I don't want to die and be in fear for the rest of my life.

Get ready then, it's going to be a while. I'm not counting out anyone as a suspect, they could also be very smart and a hacker.

I'll go make some snacks then! We haven't ate in a minute.

Let's see here..I don't recognize the email being from anyone in the school, including the teachers.

I'm going to have to do a district search, and then if I find nothing there I'm going to have to do a whole another sweep.

So much work and waiting. She's lucky she's making snacks.

This actually might take the whole day, I'll enjoy the break then.

I still don't understand why we couldn't just take a car.

You've killed five people already and we're traveling on foot. I'd hate to see how many people you'd have killed with a car.

Hey, Toko, I really am excited about this and glad you suggested it.

Wait. Toko, get back.

Come out!

You're senses are so heightened.

You've killed someone important to me Hanako, and now I've stepped out of the shadows for this.

Souda? I killed you..

You killed my twin, Souda. I am Suoh, the oldest of the twins and Rank 4 in the annual school killings.

The unseen Rank 4.. Aren't you disappointing.

What's disappointing is your trust for that man, who led you here by my phone call.

Now die. -pulls out meat clever- -swings-

-barely dodges- Ah! You cut some of my hair. -pulls out dual pistols- -fires are at Suoh-

-blocks all bullets with cleaver- Aren't you annnoying, you put dents in my cleaver.

I can easily beat Rank 3 and you, ya know. I've had no motivation to take you guys on though, but you have to be so arrogant all the time, just cause you're a little good at killing.

-jumps and lifts cleaver- It's time to put you down.

You're as stupid as your twin if you think I'll die to you! -uses dual pistols to block/stop cleaver-

-trips Suoh when she lands- Now you die!! -puts pistols at her-

Cause if you really think Toko didn't tell me about the phone call and wanted to die that badly, that just proves you don't deserve to live.


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